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The amazing achievements within the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution over the past few years have made artificial intelligence and other relevant technologies a basic transformative force of our world. The healthcare sector has been at the forefront of this process, adopting more and more innovative solutions from the fields of AI, robotics and big data analytics, thus improving, in a radical way, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and long-term care. Governments, public health authorities and providers need a coherent strategy in order to tap into this transformation for the benefit of the citizens. On the other hand, concerns and risks are inevitably emerging, with regards to patients’ privacy, the reliability of “automated” diagnoses and the reshaping of the doctor-patient relation.
At the same time, Greece is struggling to return to the path of growth and stability after years of recession and uncertainty. Reforms in the healthcare and social insurance sectors are crucial for the country’s effort to restore competitiveness and social cohesion and reduce its high public debt.

  • Can Greece take a leap in implementing the necessary reforms by embracing the intelligent transformation of the healthcare sector?
  • Will technological breakthrough unleash the country’s potential and reverse brain drain?
  • Can the AI revolution help countries hit by the crisis shortcut to sustainable growth and radical innovation?

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