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European citizens are paying close attention to the leadership at the helm of the European Union as they tackle the migrant crisis. The EU member states now have an opportunity to strengthen their collaboration and solve the refugee question with consistency.

A unique opportunity has arisen to boost the economy and competitiveness as the European Investment Plan aims to unlock public and private investments in the real economy of at least € 315 billion over the next two years which will - hopefully - break the vicious cycle of continued low growth and high unemployment in Europe.
• Can the plan live up to Europe’s expectations?

On Europe’s economic forefront, we are witnessing EU member states breaking away from economic stagnation and emerging stronger from the crisis. Following Ireland and Portugal, Cyprus intends to be the third Eurozone country to leave the international bailout  programme. 
What is the outlook for the Balkans? 

The Economist Events are delighted to announce that Austria has been chosen to host the 5th EU-Southeast Europe Summit to take place in Vienna on October 5th 2016.
 Join us to discuss:
partnership building
• business entrepreneurship
• innovation
• new opportunities for foreign direct investment
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