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The phenomenon of an ageing population and its impact on society shall be the main focus of the forthcoming Economist Summit entitled: “The Silver Tsunami: Overcoming the waves of an ageing population in the shadow of Covid-19.  Systematically low birth rates and higher life expectancy levels are transforming the population to such an extent that we urgently need to address this important issue through an open and meaningful dialogue on the way forward. 

Topics to be discussed include:

• Social security and pensions after the coronavirus hit 
• The role of the private sector in social security and pensions
• Climate change: how is a greying population related to global warming?
• Do we have the appropriate infrastructure to accommodate for an ageing population?
• AI – humanoid robots in an ageing society
• The other side of the coin: the positive impact of an ageing population
• Will the silver tsunami affect political thought?

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